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The choreographic work «Tremble: Everyday Movement in Oppressive Contexts or How to Perform Resistance» explores the extent to which social practices and choreographic structures change under the influence of the social and political environment in politically repressive contexts and proposes the choreographic potential of social practices as a strategy for resistance in these spaces.

The choreographic work, initiated and directed by Ronja Römmelt, is created in collaboration with dancers and Lizaveta Matveeva (dramaturgy & production management). All of them have one thing in common: they have left their home countries due to political changes. The choreographic work is based on qualitative interviews and movement research that Römmelt conducted together with the dancers and Lizaveta Matveeva.

Ronja Römmelt and her team will be in residence at Dampfzentrale from 4 to 8 June. On Friday, 7 June, they will offer a sharing of their current choreographic work


Supported by: Migros Ideation und Recherche

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