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Driving rhythms, powerful words, and melodic chanting by the musician and performance poet Kate Tempest lure audiences into the world of “To Be Me”. Based on five poems about the story of the gendershifting figure Teiresias from Greek mythology, technically highly­-skilled dancers showcase their talents. In the unrelent­ing back and forth of the duet, “To Be Me” demonstrates that gender and identity are in­tertwined but also unstable and changeable.

In the second part of the double performance, Cunningham invokes the desired and desiring female body. In this solo performance her interest in the combination of text and movement leads her to the radical feminist author Monique Wittig who calls on us to regard female body outside the male perspective.

Since 2017, Julie Cunningham has been making the step from successful dancer working with the Cunningham Company and Michael Clark, to cho­reographer with her own signature. She is known in Switzerland as a lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts.



Choreografie: Julie Cunningham. Lichtdesign: Richard Godin. Kostüme: Stevie Stewart, Julie Cunningham.

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