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Kisses in public are close, intimate, obtrusive, fleet­ing, passionate. We watch and observe ourselves: spontaneous empathy, voyeurism, shame, defence, smirking. We are touched, inter­pret postures, suspect feelings, get left be­hind with our guesswork and ambiguous reactions. In the foyer of Kino REX, Bill­inger & Schulz show a shortened version of their performance “Romantic Afternoon *”.

Billinger & Schulz deal with society and public life. For the artistic modelling and staging, they focus on the role of the body in their archetypes and themes. They see its movement as a carrier and sign of life with which they create images, effects, and areas of affective tension. The international journal tanz chose Billinger & Schulz as the “New hope for dance” in the 2015 yearbook.



Concept, Choreography: Verena Billinger & Sebastian Schulz. By and with Sheena Brunhart/Tümay Kılınçel, Julia Blawert/Juli Reinartz, Ludvig Daae, Magdalena Dzeco/Jungyun Bae, Robert Redmer, Uri Turkenich.

«Romantic Afternoon *» was supported by the Crespo Foundation, Cultural Affairs Giessen, van Meeteren Foundation, Hessian Ministry for Science and the Arts.

The performance was produced in the frame of “FREISCHWIMMER 2011 – Neues aus Theater, Performance und Live Art. Rückzug ins Öffentliche”. The Freischwimmer festival has been funded by the Capital Cultural Fund, Cultural Affairs Düsseldorf, Pro Helvetia Swiss Culture Foundation, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, City of Zurich, Migros Culture Percentage, Cultural Department canton Zurich.

The artistic work of Billinger & Schulz is funded by the city of Frankfurt on-the-Main as well as by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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