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The festival Tanz in Bern is cancelled!

Dampfzentrale and all theatres in the canton of Bern will be shut down until the 23rd of November. This includes the cancellation of all performances.

We were looking forward to our yearly ray of light and to getting together with you, our audience. Until the last possible moment we were hoping that Tanz in Bern could happen. «Dear Darkness» caught up with us on the evening before the opening. 

Further information will follow at a later stage. 

Inhibitions – they are the horror of every adventure and the utopia killer par excellence. And yet we want to keep them in the dark. In the colourful Heitere Fahne caravan, inhibitions are now tackled with unique wit, charm and passion. Venture in, help others to get rid of their hidden fears, or pluck up the courage to face your own inhibitions.

Host: Ramona Bolliger, Rahel Bucher und Thomas Wüthrich.

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