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«Shall we give a little party in complete darkness?» Our answer to Virginia Woolf’s question is the «Owl’s Night». Since some people are larks and others are owls. The latter stay awake and enjoy the night, seeing it as a time of day to be active, productive and creative. Look forward to a long, dark night full of programme highlights.

Sport in the Dark

Darkness can be experienced as something pleasant, as a place that enables you to deploy your utmost concentration and as a space where you can be yourself without judgement. We want to make full use of these opportunities during the After-Show- Late-Night-Work Out with Isabelle Probst. The guests are invited to concentrate on their own body and fitness while exercising in a dark studio.

Admission only with Covid certificate (Swiss Covid certificate or EU/EFTA Digital Covid Certificate) and official ID (passport, driving license). Further information here.


Photo: Shutterstock

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