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The festival Tanz in Bern is cancelled!
Dampfzentrale and all theatres in the canton of Bern will be shut down until the 23rd of November. This includes the cancellation of all performances.
We were looking forward to our yearly ray of light and to getting together with you, our audience. Until the last possible moment we were hoping that Tanz in Bern could happen. «Dear Darkness» caught up with us on the evening before the opening. 
Further information will follow at a later stage. 

Doris Uhlich was the festival darling at last year’s edition of «Tanz in Bern». This year she is back with «Habitat», a choreography featuring a mixed cast of non-professionals, whose bodies come in all shapes and sizes. The raving ensemble performs all over Dampfzentrale, naked: Bodies smack, wobble, jiggle, vibrate to electronic sounds. «Habitat» is a shameless, but also unabashed hymn to the nude body beyond embodied cultural awareness and common beauty standards.


Doris Uhlich’s works are characterised by two focal points: On the one hand, the Austrian choreographer is interested in everyday and contrived gestures, such as the strict movement code in classical ballet. And on the other hand, the detailed examination of beauty standards and body ideals is at the heart of her pieces. Music, especially electronic music, always plays a key role.

Doris Uhlich told us about her work in an interview with Andreas Tobler.

Doris Uhlich stages «HABITAT» with as many Bernese people as possible. Be a part of «HABITAT»: Ausschreibung

Please note the general obligation to wear masks at all indoor events of Tanz in Bern. Further information here.


Konzept, Choreografie: Doris Uhlich. Performance: Lokaler Cast aus Bern. DJ: Boris Kopeinig. Lichtdesign: Sergio Pessanha. Körpertanks: Proper Space (Juliette Collas, Zarah Brandl). Konfektionsfertigung, Maßschneiderei: Mick Hennig. Probenleitung in Zusammenarbeit mit Barbara Lethna. Produktion: Zarah Brandl. Produktion Dampfzentrale Bern: Caroline Komor. Company Management: Margot Wehinger. Presse, Kommunikation: Jonathan Hörnig. International Distribution: Something Great.

Habitat / Bern Eine Produktion der Dampfzentrale Bern in Kooperation mit insert Tanz und Performance GmbH. Gefördert durch die Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien.

Projektpartner der Habitat-Serie sind donaufestival / Krems, ImPulsTanz / Wien in Kooperation mit Wiener Secession, Tanzquartier Wien, Münchner Kammerspiele, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.

Fotocredits: Theresa Rauter.

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