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The festival Tanz in Bern is cancelled!

Dampfzentrale and all theatres in the canton of Bern will be shut down until the 23rd of November. This includes the cancellation of all performances.

We were looking forward to our yearly ray of light and to getting together with you, our audience. Until the last possible moment we were hoping that Tanz in Bern could happen. «Dear Darkness» caught up with us on the evening before the opening. 

Further information will follow at a later stage. 

For the first time a « Function » takes place at Dampfzentrale Bern. This is a small voguing event organized by the local ballroom scene. The « Function » is a practice opportunity for bigger balls as well as a chance for beginners to pose on the runway and gain first experiences. Whoever wants to can compete against other participants in different categories. The walks will be judged by three judges. But first and foremost the scene celebrates itself and uses the opportunity for a strengthening togetherness. Newcomers are very welcome. More about voguing as a dance and lifestyle can be found here.

The topic of the first function at Dampfzentrale is « Dear Darkness », so explore and expose your dark sides! We offer small workshops and explain each category before getting started. Be inspired by the categories and experiment with the right look to get you in the right mood. It is all about grace, beauty and the best stunts, as well as mutual recognition, respect and empowerment.

The categories are:

Light at the end of the Runway - Runway OTA

Especially in dark times it`s important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Therefore, bring it to the run way in a sombre outfit with a mandatory flash light as your accessory.


During difficult times demons have the habit to possess even the strongest among us.

Turn your inner demon inside out and serve us your moves with demonic precision and strength showing us that you possess the runway.

Best in Black - Vogue Fem OTA

Witches with their magical powers have the ability to curse or bless us in those dark times.

Bring it in a magical black outfit and cast a spell on us with your fierce and bewitched performance serving us your best fem moves.

For this event, contact information is mandatory. Please register in advance with a cell phone via
Without registration & official identification (identification required) we cannot grant admission.

We strongly recommend the Swiss Covid-App for this event. Masks are available at the entrance.
The safety distances can be reduced. Participation is at your own risk. Please avoid physical contact outside your own group of guests.
In case of confirmed corona cases during this event, quarantine can be imposed on all visitors.

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