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Caution, not a spoiler alert! Unique insights from experts get you in the mood for the performances. The speakers are in the same boat as you: They haven’t seen the work either. So there’s no risk of it being spoiled before it’s already begun. But they do know more about the evening’s topic. And this knowledge enables a special introduction to the evening together. Maybe not a must but certainly a very helpful and nice thing to do.

Input for «Diptych: The missing door and The lost room» by Prof. Dr. Alexandra Portmann.

Concepts of cultural studies relating to a form of the in-between are varied and diverse and are being addressed and discussed in a wide range of disciplines, from political philosophy to anthropology and post-colonial theory. But what exactly is the potential of the in-between as a theoretical concept and method? And where does the concept start to reach its limitations? Taking these questions as a starting point, the in-between is discussed as a promise of transformation and further questioned using current socio-political discourses of the concepts of diversity and cultural participation.

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