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Building on the theme of this year’s «Tanz in Bern» festival, this workshop will be centred around changes, around both conscious and unconscious shifts.

In sex, like everywhere else in life, we constantly change the levels of awareness. What do I think (about myself, about others)? How do I feel about this? What are my feelings? What do I perceive physically? How do I create my own space, find my own rhythm? What do I fantasise about myself and my sexuality? And: What happens to one’s own system as soon as it involves the topic of sex? Do you become stressed? Curious? Concerned? Contented?

This workshop explores various sensations, perceptions and feelings that may arise when we talk about sexuality. Experiments can take place in a safe space.

All practises will be done fully clothed and without touching any other person. It is primarily about understanding and engaging with yourself and repeatedly practising the shift to yourself, to your own level of experience.

Direction: Fabienne Zay (clinical sexologist, complementary therapist for breath work and therapy)


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