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Prices CHF 19.– / 26.– / 33.–
Price category can be freely selected.
U18: CHF 10.–
Festival pass CHF 130.–
Ort Auditorium School Munzinger
Munzingerstrasse 11, 3007 Bern
Language German

School performances on October 31 at 10:30 and 13:45.

Ca. 45-60 minutes. For ages 13+.


Punk, Beat…LOL! is an invitation to a private lesson in anger. A perfor- mance that shifts between dance, lecture and a vivid video projection shows how anger, rage and indignation can lead to a creative response.

Inspired by the question of how young people deal with their anger, this somewhat stigmatised, yet valuable, emotion takes centre stage. Since anger actually transports energy, sets boundaries, protects against danger and fuels creativity. This pop-up lecture performance is a brash journey through the history of pop culture focusing on the rebellion of past and present generations.



Concept and Choreograpy: Regina Rossi
By and with: Katharina Duve, Regina Rossi
Live Video- Collages: Katharina Duve
Dramaturgy: Kirsten Bremehr
Costumes: Katharina Duve
Mentoring: Sibylle Peters
Production: Isabelle Rohlfs
Photos: Öncü Gültekin

The school performances are supported by the Kulturförderung für Kinder- und Jugendkultur, Stadt Bern.

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