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What about anger? The potential of the angry

Inspired by a dance piece from the “Tanz in Bern” Festival, the participants focus on new approaches to anger and aggression.

Experimenting with thoughts: Inspired by current theatre and dance plays or exhibitions, adults and children from the age of 5 philosophise in two groups on the same philosophical question. Based on a thought experiment or a story, questions are raised and controversies opened up.

“Philosophieren…” takes place monthly on a Sunday, alternating between the Alpine Museum of Switzerland, the Dampfzentrale Bern or the Schlachthaus Theater Bern, and lasts one hour each time.

… with children
Playful with the two theatre teachers and experts for “philosophising with children” Nina Curcio and Regula Bühler, alias Sapperlotta. For children from 5 years.

…with adults
Together with the PhD philosophers Sarah-Jane Conrad, Silvan Imhof, Michael Messerli und Christian Budnik.

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