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The feminist collective «Cats Calling Back» is teaming up with Dampfzentrale Bern for ten untamed hours to create a long-lasting night – full of awareness, feminist energy and protected escalation opportunities. They create a hot and hissing session
in’s sex-positive consent workshop.

Following Platform-K’s performance, local artist Renate Wünsch, aka DJ Kami Katzen, plays up with an independent, free-spirited set – very much in the nature of furry kitties.

And the night is brought to a head with a purr-fect set from the DJ collective Midnight Snack with disco, funk, afrobeat and dancehall sounds, but without any genre boundaries. Finally, there will be a paw-some farewell with DJ duo ASHA and Bernet Branca (130bpm) whose beats go fast and hard, straight to our feline hearts.

Cats Calling Back

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