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It is secreted from within the darkness of our bodies – mucus. This biologically vital substance triggers an ambivalent reaction in many people, evoking both distaste and repugnance as well as a desire to touch. In truth, it is a substance that we are originally familiar with but often lose touch with over time. In the performance Gootopia, synthetically produced mucus substances are used as a choreographic element, thereby immersing the audience in the gripping territory between horror and fascination that this bodily fluid provokes.


Doris Uhlich’s works are characterised by two focal points: On the one hand, the Austrian choreographer is interested in everyday and contrived gestures, such as the strict movement code in classical ballet. And on the other hand, the detailed examination of beauty standards and body ideals is at the heart of her pieces. Music, especially electronic music, always plays a key role.

Masks mandatory in the performance venue. Admission only with Covid certificate (Swiss Covid certificate or EU/EFTA Digital Covid Certificate) and official ID (ID, passport, driving license). Further information here.


Choreografie Doris Uhlich, Konzeptentwicklung in Zusammenarbeit mit Boris Kopeinig, Performer*innen Pêdra Costa, Ann Muller, Andrius Mulokas, Emmanuel Obeya, Camilla Schielin, Grete Smitaite, Bühnenbild Juliette Collas, Philomena Theuretzbacher, Kostüm Zarah Brandl, Sound Boris Kopeinig, Licht Phoenix (Andreas Hofer), Dramaturgische Beratung Adam Czirak, Feedback Johanna Kirsch Social Media Esther Brandl Produktion Margot Wehinger, International Distribution Something Great, Koproduktion Tanzquartier Wien, Theater Freiburg, Dampfzentrale Bern, asphalt Festival und insert Tanz und Performance GmbH. Gefördert durch die Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und das Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport Unterstützer*innen Österreichisches Kulturforum Bern, Dance on Tour Austria

Fotos: Juliette Collas
Portrait: Katarina Šoškić

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