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I see people searching for themselves and each other.
I accompany them.
I detect a process of combining, comparing, conforming, contrasting.
I feel dynamics, excessive demands, humanity.
I notice a lack of orientation and find the moments during the piece in which any sense of control is lost remarkable.
I hear music and sounds that transform the people on stage into creatures.
I’m standing on stage.

Aline Schindler, Assistant to Management & Administration / Dampfzentrale Bern

Lisi Estaras and Ido Batash dance for internationally renowned companies, including «Batsheva Ensemble» (Lisi), «Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company» (Ido). Both also create their own works. Curiosity about physical states is the affinity between their approach to movement. They met while working for «Les Ballets C de la B» with Alain Platel. There they were lovingly referred to as the «Jewish Connection», which became the starting point for their first collaboration.



Konzept und Choreografie: Lisi Estaras und Ido Batash. Tänzer*innen: Yohan Vallée, Tamar Honig, Avidan Ben Giat, Ido Batash, Lisi Estaras + extra’s . Soprano: Maribeth Diggle. Musik: Richard Wagner. Soundlandschaft: Ido Batash & Bart Uyttersprot. Dramaturgie: Hildegard De Vuyst. Kostümdesign: Nicole Petit. Lichtdesign: Helmut Van Den Meersschaut. Licht und Ton: Ralf Nonn. Administration und Produktion: Nicole Petit. Produktion: MonkeyMind vzw.

Entwickelt in: Co-laBo/les ballets C de la B. Mit Unterstützung von: CAMPO Gent MonkeyMind vzw. Mit finanzieller Unterstützung von: the Flemish Government. Dank an: Alain Platel/les ballets C de la B, De Grote Post Oostende, MASH Dance House Jérusalem.

Fotocredit: Thomas Dhanens.

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