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I see three women, their long hair flowing in the wind. They stand, pose and start singing: «I’m not your superwoman». A cappella, without any background music, their voices play through the speakers unfiltered. These untainted sounds are unfamiliar to my Auto-Tune accustomed ears. The lyrics are projected onto the wall (You’re welcome to sing along). During the second verse, you can hear the same song, but parts of the lyrics are missing, they’ve been blacked out. Every time they come to a missing word, the women stop singing. Superwoman becomes «I’m ___ your ___woman» – a new dynamic emerges. And finally: « I’m ________ woman».

Lia Rothen, Bar / Dampfzentrale Bern

The performance artist Eisa Jocson – whose fan base continues to grow steadily – will be enriching the programme of Tanz in Bern for the fourth time in a row. Her works captivate audiences due to their socially critical content, such as economic exploitation, stereotypical gender concepts or colonialism.



Choreografie und Performance: Eisa Jocson. Künstlerische Mitarbeit und Performance: Bunny Cadag, Cathrine Go. Produktionsmanagement und Videoprojektion: Franchesca Casauay. Sound Design: Teresa Barrozo.

In Auftrag gegeben von: Sharjah Art Foundation für die Sharjah Biennal 14. Unterstützt von: Metropolitan Museum of Manila, UP Vargas Museum.

Premiere: 9. März 2019, Sharjah Biennal 14

Fotocredit: Courtesy Art Foundation, Joyie’s Studio.

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