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The dance company of Luzerner Theater invites choreographers from various backgrounds to participate in a piece about identity: the British choreographer Caroline Finn is interested in the obsessive-compulsive character of humans, the Israeli choreographer and dancer Ella Rothschild explores the influences of different cultures on personality, while the Swiss choreographer Jasmin Morand explores the facets of seeing and perceiving. A three-part journey somewhere between fantasy and reality in search of what makes us all unique.


Choreographien: Caroline Finn Fischer, Ella Rothschild, Jasmine Morand. Bühne & Licht: Joe Fletcher. Kostüme: Eva Butzkies. Dramaturgie: Sarah Brusis. Tanz: Zach Enquist, Carlos Kerr Jr., Aurélie Robichon, Tom van de Ven, Andrea Thompson, Giovanni Insaudo, Sandra Salietti, Valeria Marangelli, Lisa Gareis, Phoebe Jewitt, Igli Mezini, Maria Eduarda Pereira Santos, Flavio Quisisana, Gonçales Torres dos Reis. Koproduktion mit: Migros-Kulturprozent Tanzfestival Steps. Gefördert durch: die Freunde Luzerner Theater.

Foto: Rolex Robert-Wright, Céline Michel, Vreni-Arbes.