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Burying sound under sound

Sonic Mountains presents Swiss sound and music projects that are moving under the radar.

20:30 REA (DJ-Set)

21:00 Strotter Inst. – talk

21:30 Marie Delprat

22:15 Strotter Inst. – concert

23:00 MM&TT

23:45 Yao Bobby & Simon Grab

00:30 REA (DJ-Set)

Strotter Inst.

Christoph Hess, aka Strotter Inst., has written a book. And seeing as you can always expect something special from the turntable sound artist, «Blendwerk» could be aptly defined as an «artist’s book with integrated record player»! You’ll see what we mean… Besides a lot of text and a record player, this book also contains a 7” single with an endless track as well as a two-sided flexible sheet record. So, it can basically be described as a piece of art that you can also read. Needless to say, the live performance to coincide with the book’s release as part of Sonic Mountains will definitely challenge the form of a conventional concert. Bern-based vinyl expert Adi Flück from Centraldubs plans to put the live show straight onto a unique and unusual vinyl record. This disc will be recorded and released at the same time, so to speak. And everything starts again from the beginning, just like in a loop.


This is how Miao Zhao and Tizia Zimmermann tend to describe themselves: «A duo in search of irrationality, performative actions with no consistency. Emotional disquiet, it doesn’t matter if it’s personal or not. It’s a complex emotion that is both physical and emotional. Celebrate misunderstandings or trip and stumble over your own thinkings and doings, just for fun? Premature highlight, why not push the borders of your own psyche? We dance on the highway. We are re-born. We celebrate. When will you scream?»

Miao Zhao and Tizia Zimmermann both studied music: Zhao is a clarinettist, Zimmermann an accordionist, and both are at home in the worlds of composed music and improvisation. And at some point, both had had enough of the conventions of classical music and jazz and decided to create an extremist free space for their love of all-disintegrating noise music with MM&TT. Instead of their traditional instruments, they use electronic devices, effect pedals and all kinds of noise generators. Will you scream?

Marie Delprat

Marie Delprat, just like Zhao and Zimmermann, has broken out of the musical world into which she was drawn. For many years, she played baroque music on the paetzold recorder and in early music ensembles. But she was not completely happy with that and decided to enter a radical parallel musical world. In last year’s production «Rage(s)» (Marie Delprat, music and Olive Lopez, performance) at Dampfzentrale, she showcased her sound art somewhere between noise, dark ambient and drone. This performance perhaps gave her the initial push she needed to offer a live electronic music experience outside the realm of a choreographed production. And Dampfzentrale is extremely proud to be the venue of Marie Delprat’s first ever electronic solo concert.

Yao Bobby & Simon Grab

Rapper and political activist Yao Bobby from Togo has been collaborating with Swiss noise musician Simon Grab for a few years now. This has resulted in an intense brew, infused with energetic beats, raw electronic sounds and pulsating bass lines. All this comes laced with a straight-up in-your-face punk attitude. Rap meets experimental noise electronica.

Admission only with Covid certificate and official ID. Further information here.

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