Sharings are public rehearsals that bring artists and interested audiences together. Such sharings offer insight into the creative processes of artists who are currently rehearsing at the Dampfzentrale Bern. They show what they are currently working on, what they are occupied with, and what is going on in an uncomplicated setting. Afterwards, the artists welcome discussion with their future audience. The Dampfzentrale Bern dramaturgical team moderates and supervises the sharings.

How can our individual anger in the face of social injustice allow us to recognize our shared vulnerability and interdependency? In «m.a.d.», the choreographer Valerie Reding and three performers explore the mechanisms that fuel abusive and violent behaviour towards marginalised groups of people. In doing so, they attempt to break the vicious circle of discrimination and mutual destruction. Thus ensuring a shift from mutually assured destruction to mutually affirmed deviance.