Sharings are public rehearsals that bring artists and interested audiences together. Such sharings offer insight into the creative processes of artists who are currently rehearsing at the Dampfzentrale Bern. They show what they are currently working on, what they are occupied with, and what is going on in an uncomplicated setting. Afterwards, the artists welcome discussion with their future audience. The Dampfzentrale Bern dramaturgical team moderates and supervises the sharings.

In her new work, Eugénie Rebetez questions the dynamics of the relationship between a father, a mother, and their child, in collaboration with musician Pascal Lopinat and actor Victor Poltier. How does a family manage to live together, to share its intimacy in everyday life? How does each find his or her place without falling into a pre-set role? In the sharing, she gives insight into the rehearsal process.