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The folktale is a story passed down from generation to generation. What tales will be told in the future, of the times today?

«Futuristic Folktales» is a myriad of folktales for the stage that strive toward a futuristic utopian world where everyone’s wishes and desires regarding human reproduction are respected, shared and enabled. The performers will write their own folktales. Together with the performers, Charlotte Mclean will choreograph these newly created folktales. A science fiction / surrealist / cartoonish / dreamlike / contemporary traditional / queer / intersectional feminist world will be the main «drive».

What is the purpose of a Sharing?

Artists who spend a residency at the Dampfzentrale Bern have the option of a Sharing. Sharings are public rehearsals where artists meet an interested audience. They offer the public an insight into the creative processes of artists. For their part, the artists use the Sharing to show interested parties what they are currently working on and what keeps them busy in an uncomplicated setting. The Dampfzentrale team discusses the Sharing with the artists in advance and moderates it.


Konzept und Choreografie: Charlotte Mclean
Creative Producer: Helen McIntosh
Dramaturgie: Nelly Kelly
Performance: Astro Raiz, Molly Danter, Gina Lorenzen
Lichtdesign: Emma Jones

Foto: Irodriel Costello

Mit besten Dank an Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern, Creative Scotland, Dampfzentrale Bern, Dance Base Edinburgh

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