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Saint Ghetto 2020 must be cancelled.
Unfortunately we also have to say goodbye to our annual music festival this year. By order of the authorities, Dampfzentrale remains closed until November 23rd, as do all the theaters, concert halls and clubs.
At the end of September we were able to announce an internationally diversified program with musical acts from England, China, Norway, Colombia, Germany and the USA. However, the musicians from other continents all live in neighboring countries of Switzerland, so the possibility that they would be able to travel to Switzerland in November seemed to be quite real for a long time. The increasing number of infections and finally the regulation by the authorities unfortunately prevent us from showing this diverse program in Berne.

Vanishing Twin (UK)

The retro-futuristic pop universe of the multinational London combo Vanishing Twin is situated where comical and cosmic meet. Retro, because it is inspired by cinematic and sound elements of the 1970s as well as the sound worlds of the British bands Broadcast and Stereolab; futuristic, because it is pervaded by an unheard, psychedelic soundscape that runs like a thread through the releases. Meanwhile, the stoically calming vocals of frontwoman Cathy Lucas tells of childhood wisdom, the boredom of truths or the absorbing of a twin into your own body.

Pan Daijing (CHN)

The performance and sound artist from Guiyang, China, lives in Berlin, where she released her debut album «Lack» in 2018 on the influential PAN label. Pan Daijing has already performed at the Tate Modern and the Haus der Kulturen in Berlin. Fragmented elements of noise, drones, ambient soundscapes and industrial techno form the foundation of her music, which comes across as a surreal-psychedelic audiobook and is further intensified as a gripping performative live experience. A certain roughness and immediacy permeate Pan’s work – as if the inner spatial constructs were censorship free and almost theatrically turned inside out.

Bendik Giske (NO)

Bendik Giske is a Norwegian saxophonist, sound artist and queer activist, whose musical works are strongly influenced by physicality and endurance. Although Bendik’s physical presence on stage is quite the opposite of Colin Stetson, the powerful, muscle-bound Canadian saxophonist who thrives on pushing himself to his physical limits, he uses a similar technique. By means of a circular breathing technique and the ability to produce polyphonic sounds, he creates a collage of sound which many listeners could assume to be most likely created using electronics and sound effect machines. Bendik’s original music can be filed somewhere between minimal jazz and abstract, acoustic club music. And all this using nothing more than metal, breath and muscles.

Aïsha Devi (CH)

The classically trained soprano voice of the Geneva-born artist with Tibetan roots is her most striking means of expression. All around, the beat pounds and thunders, while generating transcendental aesthetics and at the same time a highly physical listening experience. Aïsha’s creative approach is always spiritual – meditative techniques permeate the production process and inspire her live performances. A healthy dose of metaphysical curiosity, ritual and healing frequencies flow into a unique, rebellious club sound.

No entry without ID and verification of your mobile number.
Please register once at and show the QR code at the entrance. If you do not have a smartphone, you can register manually at the cash desk (please arrive early).
We strongly recommend the wearing of hygiene masks and the use of the SwissCovid app.
Please note that the safety distances can be undercut. Participation is at your own risk. Please avoid physical contact outside your own group of guests.
In case of confirmed corona cases during this event, all visitors can be quarantined.

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