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Saint Ghetto 2020 must be cancelled.
Unfortunately we also have to say goodbye to our annual music festival this year. By order of the authorities, Dampfzentrale remains closed until November 23rd, as do all the theaters, concert halls and clubs.
At the end of September we were able to announce an internationally diversified program with musical acts from England, China, Norway, Colombia, Germany and the USA. However, the musicians from other continents all live in neighboring countries of Switzerland, so the possibility that they would be able to travel to Switzerland in November seemed to be quite real for a long time. The increasing number of infections and finally the regulation by the authorities unfortunately prevent us from showing this diverse program in Berne.

Messer (DE)

This band, founded in Münster in 2010, is one of the most interesting new acts in the German post-punk scene. Despite featuring obvious influences of icons of days gone by, Messer still stands out from the current crop of German-language bands. In contrast to Die Nerven or Isolation Berlin, who have quickly become the darlings of the scene, Messer’s music has an urgency and vehemence that sounds pleasantly urban and tends to incorporate the turbulent and rebellious period of the late 70s and early 80s in dark, intelligent, driving rock songs with a highly individual and unique character. Their relocation to Berlin has long been reflected in their musical output, and since the release of their album «No Future Days» a few months ago, a concise dub influence has been apparent, driving their music even further away from the canon of German-language post-punk or indie rock.

Lucrecia Dalt (COL)

Before working as a sound artist in Berlin, Lucrecia Dalt was a geotechnical engineer in Colombia. This fascination for rock layers and the earth’s history inspire her work and had a huge impact on her album «Anticlines», released in 2018, as powerful metaphors that reflect on the limits of human development. In her recently released work «No Era Sólida», Lucretia explores physicality. How do bodies merge with sounds? Is there actually a moment when a body completely mutates into sound? The atmosphere is inviting and haunting at the same time, pervaded by the minimalism of modular synthesizer textures as well as a surreal groove scattered with noise. The voice comes across as a fragment, detached from language and grammar, and yet still with the ability to breathe life into the overall image.

Regis (UK)

Karl O’Connor is one of the founders of a British scene whose works, somewhere between abstract techno, driving electronica and industrial sounds, is often referred to as the Birmingham Sound. Together with the DJ and producer Surgeon, he founded the British Murder Boys and the Downwards label, works regularly with his local mate Mick Harris (Scorn) and enjoys nothing more than creating dark minimal wave in the duo Sandra Electronics. Under his solo pseudonym Regis, he has been creating outstanding electronic music since the mid-90s, which never simply wanted to be dancefloor friendly but rather absorbs influences from Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten and Cabaret Voltaire. The brilliant album «Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss» has recently been released, yet another milestone of electronic music that doesn’t dance on the dance floor but around it.

Omni Selassi (CH)

Rea Dubach from Biel and her two musical companions, Lukas Rutzen and Mirko Schwab, have been travelling around a highly innovative sound cosmos for years. The trio meanders somewhere between kraut, noise, experimental jazz and psychedelic punk – sometimes enchanting, sometimes metal hard, quite often distorted, but always mysterious and surprising. Their live performances are a pulsating trip, driven by two drums, always strewn with playful sound elements and permeated by Rea’s mystical and beautiful voice.


Rea Dubach is the new Associated Artist since Sep 2020.

No entry without ID and verification of your mobile number.
Please register once at and show the QR code at the entrance. If you do not have a smartphone, you can register manually at the cash desk (please arrive early).
We strongly recommend the wearing of hygiene masks and the use of the SwissCovid app.
Please note that the safety distances can be undercut. Participation is at your own risk. Please avoid physical contact outside your own group of guests.
In case of confirmed corona cases during this event, all visitors can be quarantined.

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