The work of Phill Niblock (*1933) changes our habitual perception and allows us to forget time. The focus on the smallest changes in frequency at a very high volume over a longer period alters the listener’s linear perception of the relationship to time. This is also contributed to by the spatial dimension of the music, which envelops it as an «environment».
Niblock processes elongated notes or chords, mostly of individual instruments, on 24 tracks, creating an acoustic floating state in which everything always seems to be in the same place yet always in motion. Further, he will be presenting film works in the Grosse Halle of the Reitschule. Most of them are recordings from his extensive cycle «The Movements Of People Working», which has been growing constantly since the 1960s and shows people around the globe going about their daily work. These recordings should neither illustrate the music nor semantically interact with it. Film and music thus enter into a unique free dialogue.
Guest musicians from Italy, France and Switzerland add a further dimension to this musical adventure.
This event is a cooperation between the Zoom-In Festival and the Saint Ghetto Festival.

The wearing of hygiene masks is obligatory in all indoor areas. The contact details of all visitors are recorded using the BuCK Corona Tool.

Phill Niblock (US), Komposition
Shifter Ensemble (IT), E-Gitarren
Christian Kobi (CH), Saxophon
Deborah Walker (IT), Cello
Konus Quartett (CH), Saxophone
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (F), Fagott

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