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19:30: Doors / Lux Lauterwasser, DJ set
20:30: Rosa Anschütz
21:45: Chris Imler
23:00: Meuko! Meuko!
00:00: Lux Lauterwasser, DJ set

Aesthetics, character, detachment and experimentation characterise the artistic work of Chris Imler, Rosa Anschütz and Meuko! Meuko! just like their respective local environments in Berlin, Vienna and Taiwan. The combination of the three musicians on one evening promises radicality and accessibility within the context of extensive movement.

Rosa Anschütz

Always happy doesn’t exist

Rosa Anschütz is a multimedia artist and vocalist based between Berlin and Vienna. She has been attracting attention in the experimental pop realm for several years now with her melancholic compositions in which spoken words meet reverberated vocals embedded in the sound structures she creates with guitar, bass, drum machine and modular synthesizer. They are hauntingly beautiful pop songs full of hypnotic potential, strong physicality, engaging mood and recently also driving elements. Her debut album «Votive» (2020) was followed this spring by her second LP «Goldener Strom».

Chris Imler

Dandy with an Off-Beat

Chris Imler, who the German taz newspaper once described as the «Grand Seigneur of the Berlin Underground», has been tirelessly making his mark across European stages as a solo-drummer artist for the past decade. Imler recently released his third LP «Operation Schönheit». His compositions combine experimental and electronic post-punk elements to create a unique groove. The rhythm sings, the vocals dance and the look fits. And so once again Imler becomes Berlin’s most important cultural ambassador: The once globally envied scene of the eternally, and somehow successfully, failing creatures of the night has not been completely optimised away.

Meuko! Meuko! (A/V Live show)

Travelogue through a fictional dystopian world

Taipei-based artist Pon, aka Meuko! Meuko!, is an experimental musician and live performer. In her electronic productions, she combines noise, club music, improvisations and field recordings whose sources can often be traced back to Taiwan’s spiritual landscape. The EP «Ghost Island» was released in 2018 on Aïsha Devis’ label Danse Noire. It is impossible to ignore the aesthetic parallels between the two artists. The collage-like compositions on «Ghost Island» have both a claustrophobic and psychedelic impact. Sounds overlap to the point of cacophony, reminiscent of usual big city noise levels. Siren-like flutes, strange chants, rushing wind, scraping metal, stuttering percussion and many imaginative structural elements characterise the music. The beats are driving, shadowy and perpetually criss-crossed by glitches and toy noises. These are psychedelic cyber-dreamscapes, fictional dystopia and basically states in which we all live.

At Dampfzentrale Meuko! Meuko! will be presenting her A/V show «無形將軍 INVISIBLE GENERAL».


Photo Credits: Galya Feierman (Chris Imler), Rinko Rin (Meuko! Meuko!)

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