During a 6-hour performance, REA and Yannick Mosimann dedicate themselves to the stretching of time and space based on observations of different trees. The tree, the mammoth of floral time, seems to be a gnarled, proud and place-bound existence, nevertheless in low-frequency, flowing movement. Breathing is here a symbol of time and rhythm, carrier of tonal frequencies of our vocal cords.

Thus the voice is the only source of sound with which REA tries to connect to tree time for six hours, in osmotic exchange with Mosimann’s patient eye and observing lens – six hours divided into thirty minutes per tree image, twelve trees for twelve months in a yearly cycle.

Bild_REA Yannick

«This morning I was light. The walnut tree stroked my chest, whispered. A dialogue arose, my light and his and the rays of the morning sun, all became one, deep and light, an interwoven web of organic breath and frequency. Tree time seems to be a time in stretch, compared to our rhythm in thick and modest motion. Its rhythm embedded in absorbent cotton, low frequencies, a state at rest within itself. Tree breathing pulses outward in its photosynthetic cycle seemingly in osmosis, along with high frequency organisms in exchange. I rest my head in their branches, gaze through the bright green whitecaps into the vast sea, and slow my swell. Our lights interweave, I become tree.»

Masks mandatory in the performance venue. Admission only with a digital Covid certificate (Swiss Covid certificate or EU/EFTA Digital Covid Certificate) and official ID (ID, passport, driving license). Further information here.