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duration: 50 min


For its 20th anniversary, the Konus Quartet has commissioned the Turkish composer Didem Coskunseven. Her instrumental song cycle for saxophone quartet and electronics tells of many roots.

“In each song I will focus on a story that relates to the root or radical, and each song will reveal its own world in the process, as part of the whole narrative.” This is how Turkish composer and sound artist Didem Coskunseven writes about her new work for saxophone quartet and electronics, which she unusually calls a “song cycle”. Each of these imaginary songs is based on a “narrative about the root”, hence the title “Radical Songs”.

A new kind of experiment, then, which the ever-curious Konus Quartet from Bern is embarking on here. The sound world of the saxophones is expanded by live electronics. In her three-quarter hour, extremely varied cycle, Coskunseven often works with minimalist material, but handles it very colourfully and expressively. Her music is rather quiet and subtle. She does not shy away from penetrating into the sonic vicinity of advanced electronic pop music.


Konus Quartett: Christian Kobi, Fabio Oehrli, Stefan Rolli, Jonas Tschanz (Saxophone)


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