DJ Haus (Unknown To The Unknown, UK)
M44K (E-Beamz, Basel)
Power To The People (Bern)

The Aare is almost frozen, the journey to Dampfzentrale icy. Freezing winter temperatures sweep through the streets and alleys of Bern. And temperature will also be a key issue on 15 February. As the thermometer is bound to soar this Saturday evening when DJ HAUS (UK), a true master in delivering perfect release art, who always plays a «DJ set with enough energy for five nights», returns to Bern. Be it Unknown To The Unknown, Hot Haus Recs, Dance Trax or Soft Computing – he is responsible for some of the best-known and most popular labels and his output is always driven by stimulating dynamics and sophisticated arrangements, which are fundamentally based on one principle: it’s about the dance floor, the whole dance floor and nothing but the dance floor.

And if you were lucky enough to be at a POWER TO THE PEOPLE night last year, you’ll know that they don’t do things by half. Without mourning the good old days, the two of them transfer the spirit of the 90s into today’s sound brilliance, mixing nostalgia with new love.

Now, for the first time, they’ve recruited support from another city where high-quality club music is anything but a rare phenomenon. Whether as a producer who is always on the go or a DJ who always plays top-draw tracks: M44K is a Basel legend, who has also made a name for himself in the international club scene (E-Beamz, Nerang Rec.).