Contemporary music. The promotion of young talent in cooperation with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is aimed at composers starting out on their professional careers. Those interested can apply to receive a commissioned composition for one of the annual protonwerk concerts. A close and longer-term collaboration between composers and musicians should enable them to explore new and exciting sounds with instruments, especially the lupophone and contraforte. In addition to many individual meetings, a workshop was held in September 2019, where first drafts were rehearsed and discussed.


In addition to the said musical performance, this year’s winners of the prestigious protonwerk prize and Andrzej Kwieciński (voted the best of the past decade of winners) will provide information on the current conditions, wishes, dreams and opportunities of the new generation of composers.


Jonah Haven (*1995): gasser (2020) UA

Nicolas Roulive (*1989): «…du domaine des murmures…» (2019) UA

Alex Taylor (*1988): A Handful of False Starts and Dead Ends (2019/2020) UA

Lorenzo Troiani (*1989): Studi sulla distanza (2019) UA

Andrzej Kwieciński (*1984): a 6 [+1] (2015)


Dirigent: Gregor Mayrhofer. Flöte: Bettina Berger. Lupophon: Martin Bliggenstorfer. Klarinette: Richard Haynes. Kontraforte: Elise Jacoberger. Harfe: Vera Schnider. Klavier: Samuel Fried. Violine: Maximilian Haft. Violoncello: Jan-Filip Ťupa.

Fotocredit: Oliver Oettli.