Pink Mama Theatre create their current choreography based around the fashion world, with its bright and dark sides: before the performance, the audience enter an installation in the foyer of the Dampfzentrale. After all, there is a fashion house on stage – or is it a laboratory, a factory, a hospital, or a labour camp? The performers slip into the role of the fashion god, scientist, mannequin, or slave to an industry that turns out to be machinery. Fashion has been with mankind since time immemorial and reflects the zeitgeist of our society in an exemplary way. Fashion enables us to wear our inner life on the outside, while at the same time protecting us from our nature, our nakedness, and exposure. The possessive, atmospheric music, which was composed for this occasion, casts a spell of ritual and magic over the audience and does not let them go.

The artist group Pink Mama Theatre is interested in extravagance and opulence. They use dance and theatre for their performances, creating a dialogue between the two. Pink Mama Theatre creates art that takes a critical look at society in order to open a dialogue with the audience. Pink Mama Theatre was an Associated Artist of the Dampfzentrale Bern from 2013-2015.


Idee/Regie/Bühnenbild/Kostüme: Sławek Bendrat, Dominik Krawiecki. Choreografie: Sławek Bendrat. Regie: Dominik Krawiecki. Cast: David Bregenzer, Cesar Milagros Garcia Nodarse, Mark Christoph Klee, Dominik Krawiecki, Charlotte Mclean, Valentin Markus Oppermann, Izabela Orzełowska, Tomek Pomersbach, Samuel Rauber, Jonas Weber, Marek Wieczorek. Technische Leitung: Jonas Weber. Musik: Valentin Markus Oppermann. Fotos, Videos, Trailer: Patrycja Płanik. Produktionsleitung: Angelika Rohrer. Koproduktion: Dampfzentrale Bern.

Die Produktion wird unterstützt von: Kultur Stadt Bern, Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Bürgi-Willert-Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern.