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Ort: Alpines Museum
Kosten: 5.- für Kinder / 10.- für Erwachsene


“Home. In search of traces in Mitholz”.

What home means usually only becomes apparent when you lose it. Since February 25, 2020, the inhabitants of the Bernese Oberland village of Mitholz have been living between powerlessness and departure: at that time, they were informed that they were to leave their village for 10 years due to clearance work at the 2030 ammunition depot. After World War II, an explosion catastrophe occurred in the depot, destroying most of the houses and killing nine people. The ammunition was spread all over the village – a large part of it is still in the tunnel.

In a joint project, people from Mitholz and the Alpine Museum dealt with the meaning of “home” and the uncertain future. The result is the exhibition “Heimat”.

“Philosophize …” takes place once a month, always on Sundays, alternating between the Alpine Museum of Switzerland, the Dampfzentrale Bern or the Schlachthaus Theater Bern. Inspired by current stage plays or exhibitions, questions are raised and controversies opened up with the help of a story or a thought experiment.

For children from the age of five as well as adults. The two separate discussion rounds are led by philosophers and theater educators.

“Philosophieren …” is a joint project of the Alpine Museum of Switzerland, the Schlachthaus Theater Bern and the Dampfzentrale Bern.

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