Goes with the theatre piece «Ich heisse Name» by Theater Jungfrau & Co. / Theater Blau, ages 5 and up (29.01. – 27.03.2022).

«Philosophieren …» takes place once a month, always on a Sunday, either at the Swiss Alpine Museum, Dampfzentrale Bern or Schlachthaus Theater Bern. Inspired by current stage plays or exhibitions, a story or thought experiment raises questions and identifies areas of controversy. For children above four years, children above eight years and adults. The three separate discussions will be conducted by philosophers and theatre educators.

«Philosophieren …» is a joint project of the Swiss Alpine Museum, Schlachthaus Theater Bern and Dampfzentrale Bern.

Next Dates

03. April, Alpines Museum der Schweiz
«Wer sind «wir»?»

15. May, Schlachthaus Theater Bern
«Wieso träumen wir?»

Philosophieren … as guest at the Berner Generationenhaus
March 2nd and May 4th
«Was schulden wir zukünftigen Generationen?»

Masks mandatory. Further information here.


In Zusammenarbeit mit
Sarah-Jane Conrad (PH Bern)… und dem Philo-Fuchs

Das Format «Philosophieren…» wird unterstützt von Kinder- und Jugendkultur Stadt Bern.