OSOMO creates a cinematic sound sculpture: Waves of hypnotic patterns leap into the perception and send listeners on an individual journey to discover their own identity.

The Bern-based artist Simon Baumann, aka OSOMO, is at home in many scenes thanks to his interdisciplinary approach. He plays drums with Stephan Eicher, Mario Batkovic, Hank Shizzoe and Don Li. In 2015, he established the artist collective Die Polstergruppe, also with Stephan Eicher, John Armleder, Moondog companion Stefan Lakatos, Dan Reeder, Marco Repetto plus others.

«Die verkehrte Nacht» is an OSOMO experience created specifically for Dampfzentrale Bern. Do something different (if you like). Experience something different (if you like). That’s what this night is all about. And it would be somewhat different if you didn’t know exactly what to expect – and that’s why we’re not going to tell you. Come along and find out for yourself. But don’t forget your foam mat and pillow.

Musically, this evening revolves around OSOMO’s latest album which was competed in Berlin in 2019. But what exactly happens during the OSOMO experience remains a mystery. Listeners can put their expectations, Google and mobile phones to one side. Relax and enjoy the moment. OSOMO composes an experience of rhythms, space and mystery. Each guest can – if they like – experience something in this world that they’ve never before experienced. It should be possible to experience unrestrained feelings. An invitation to transform your own state of mind and perception of time. It could be referred to as slow trance. In our beautiful multi-optional society, in which we are all always on the go, what’s still missing? We have the opportunities to do whatever we want. We can always choose the even more ideal solution. Or is this also a cause of stress? OSOMO attempts to offer a contrast. Less options. More time. Less information. More secrecy. Less expectation. More openness. Less fear. More love.

The setting this evening is not hierarchical – the artist up there, the consumer down here – the objective is not to receive collective applause and likes. With OSOMO, everyone can become OSOMO.

Fotocredits: Anna Zimmermann, Denise Häberli