Unfortunately, we have to cancel the performance of IOKOI at Norient Film Festival. It will be made up in the second half of the year.

IOKOI: Tales of Another Felt Sense of Self (live)

The numerous connections, contradictions and reflections between the self, the same and the other lie at the core of this work. IOKOI aka Mara Miccichè researches the very essence of who and what we are as we face increasing disembodiment in the digital age. «Tales of Another Felt Sense of Self» offers a re-embodiment of senses through four bodies of work that explore how we listen, see, sense, under- stand and feel.

The multisensory work «Tales of Another Felt Sense of Self» by IOKOI took life in collaboration with vid- eographer Michele Foti, olfactory artist Klara Ravat and visual artist Sarah Parsons and will be released in March 2021 on -OUS. «Tales of Another Felt Sense of Self» aims to excite the senses, in order to per- ceive, feel, and act. An exclusive preview will be shown at the Norient Film Festival 2021.

Lorenzo Pusterla