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20:30 Doors
Part 1: «Messengers»
21:00 «The Sun Has no Shadow» – a film by Rebecca Salvadori
21:30 «Messengers» – a film by Rebecca Salvadori with live sonorization by Kenichi Iwasa & Maxwell Sterling
22:15 «Portraits of Friends» – a film by Rebecca Salvadori with live sonorization by Sandro Mussida
23:00 «All We Got Is Us in the Moment» – a film by Rebecca Salvadori
23:30 GAISTER live
Part 2: Hub Dive
00:45 Samuel Savenberg (live) in the Foyer
02:00 Noi Noi (live) in the Foyer



Since 2019, Norient festival co-curator Rebecca Salvadori has been developing a combination of live performances and moving images, which explores certain connections in London’s experimental musical culture. Messengers include four short films based on documentations of experimental music produced over a decade. With live performances by Kenichi Iwasa, Maxwell Sterling, Coby Sey, Olivia Salvadori, Akihide Monna, Sandro Mussida, light artist Charlie Hope, and music journalist Lucia Udvardyová. The event will simultaneously be a concert and a film-set for the shooting of film material that will be included in future iterations of this project.


The Sun Has no Shadow


Portraits of Friends

All We Got Is Us in the Moment

GAISTER (live)

GAISTER is the encounter between experimental soprano Olivia Salvadori, producer and songwriter Coby Sey, and drummer Akihide Monna. The project is driven by an intuitive approach where sound, voice, and words freely emerge between structure and improvisation. Their upcoming debut album pursues the idea of being in a constant state of listening.

Coby Sey played with his band at Saint Ghetto Festival 2021 and was at last years Full Of Lava for a DJ set and artist talk.

Hub Dive (presented by Radio Bollwerk)

00:45 Samuel Savenberg (live)
Samuel Savenberg (former S S S S) is an electronic music producer and DJ. Currently, he is interested in the presentation of coping strategies. Since then, there is no goal for him, only intensity. Let’s say: «a rose is a rose».

02:00 Noi Noi (live)
In the music of the enigmatic duo Noi Noi, wooden percussion tuned by the local forest fairy meets collages with word fragments, field recordings, and Gameboy sounds spontaneously recorded on tape. Taimashoe and b frix float in between candlelight and space routines, creating energetic improvised pop songs.


A project by Rebecca Salvadori.

Live acts: Kenichi Iwasa & Maxwell Sterling, Sandro Mussida, GAISTER (Coby Sey, Olivia Salvadori, Akihide Monna)
Lights by Charlie Hope
Talk moderated by Lucia Udvardyová

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