As part of her time as an Associated Artist at Dampfzentrale Bern, Natascha is planning several artistic-practical research residencies in which she will investigate intimacy in the field of conflict between privacy and publicity.

«I want to understand what we actually mean when we describe a situation, a touch or a look as intimate within the context of performing arts? Is it even possible to create intimacy in the public sphere? If so, what forms of intimacy are we talking about? If not, what are we actually trying to describe when we call something intimate? Or is intimacy only used as a synonym for getting closer or getting too close, thus marking out certain territories?»
To this end, Natascha will initially focus on somatic and improvisational practices, which are applied equally in rehearsal, performance and therapy contexts: Movement instructions that explore movement restriction and freedom and whose execution is initially an expression of a very personal experience, before finding their way into a choreographic sequence and even an evening of dance.

The public moment of each week of residency is the extended arm of her research and initially comprises a sharing element in which Natascha plans to share questions, scraps of material or excerpts from either her research or existing works with interested viewers. In the subsequent discussion, which will be accompanied by the dramaturgy team of Dampfzentrale Bern, there will be an opportunity to exchange your own experiences with intimacy in performing arts.