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5er-Pass 140.- / 85.-*
Festivalpass 250.- / 150.-* / 195.- (Early Bird)
Wednesday, Thursday Free entry
Live-Performance on Saturday 25.- / 15.-*

*Kulturlegi, IV-card, Students 13–18 J., University Students, Apprentices

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 19.30 – 20.30 + 22:00 – 23:00 (free admission)
Thursday: 11:00 –  13.30 + 16.30 pm – 18.30 (free admission)
Live performance on Saturday: 15:00 (ticket required)
The installation can be entered and exited at any time during opening hours.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, suitable for children.
Free admission for refugees, holders of the Kultur-GA, children up to 12 years and assisted persons.



Thomas Giger (*1975), Janiv Oron (*1975) and Michael Anklin (*1989): «multiverse» (Audiovisual installation, 2024)

The concert or installation as an experimental laboratory: the installation by Thomas Giger, Janiv Oron and Michael Anklin presents various systems and allows them to correspond. The audience becomes its own participating system. The installation can be entered and exited at any time during opening hours.

Is there a network of connections? Who influences what? Are everyone and everything small to large cosms, or is everything ultimately one? How does the individual sound in the whole and the whole in the individual? The audiovisual installation “multiverse” deals with such questions. The sound artist trio Giger, Oron and Anklin create an experiential space in the field of tension between laboratory and concert. Impulses are extracted and further modelled into light and sound and thus into an acoustic-visual event. Instruments and scenography are combined to form a causal structure. The space becomes a large laboratory instrument in which the audience can move and thus actively but ambiguously help to shape their experience.

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