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Welcome to the «Hotel der Zuversicht»! This where you will meet them all, businessmen and scientists, inventors, private detectives and spies, the fashion designer and the countess, schoolchildren, aunts and fiancées, cats and dogs, the lords of the manor, cops and robbers, the tightrope walker, the singer and the receptionist.

Michael Fehr uses bold and figurative strokes to sketch his characters and scenes, inviting his readers into a world where different rules apply. Whether as dreamlike and magical events or in conflicts based around human relationships – the 48 stories illuminate existential issues that concern all of us.

With stories from the new book, Michael Fehr, together with the composer and musician Janiv Oron, has come up with a modern-day spoken opera, which will be presented as a book premiere. The spoken opera takes us on an intense journey, on a trip, and the production inspires the audience to feel and see the stories.


Michael Fehr (Vocals), Janiv Oron (Soundscape)

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