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throughout niram: reminiscing – Installation 
19:00 Mel Schwarz: Drag Dinner #5: Category is: Fusion
20:00 Lea Samira Bernath: zwüsche dä hüglä & between the hills
21:00 Lu Läderach: What Does Home Sound Like?
21:45 Margaux Huber: Tout ce que le ruisseau ne sera pas
after 22:15 Graue Kreide, DJ Set

An evening filled with a potpourri of sounds, songs, dances, and scents. Memories of home and childhood, prompting the question: what significance do they hold today? This evening will showcase four individual perspectives, shaped by political and systemic circumstances and realities that grapple with the understanding of traditions, memories, and homeland. These four young emerging artists express personal reflections and emotions through dance, sound, text, food and installations. What unites them all is a critical reinvention, an opening of new thoughts and spaces.

Photo: Niram
Co-edit and fine tuning: nongla

reminiscing – Eine audiovisuelle Installation

What do one’s own memories sound like? With this question, the piece explores one’s mind with old memories and the soundscape created by the imagination. In a self-experiment, particular memories of mine are recreated, differentiated, defined, and deconstructed. A process that our brain performs with memories is taken into the hands of compositional tools and influences. Combined with sounds from a simulated past, neurological and physiological components are translated into artistic expressions – neuronal noise becomes noise music, brain waves become sub bass carriers. A dive into a perspective coming from a diasporic identity is being sonified- diaspora and brain sounds, as soundscapes and dream tent. A soundscape creation that has never taken place in the exact form somewhere around me but in my own thoughts. As far away as possible but as intimate as if it’s whispering into the ear.

Realities collide and redefine an emerging imaginary soundscape. Thinking back and thinking anew. Changing and yet reminiscing.

Content note: the piece contains mentions and descriptions of death.


Drag Dinner #5: Category is: Fusion

Drag Dinners is a series of works, in which a different type of restaurant is imitated each time.

The aim is to adopt the aesthetics and food style of these restaurants without reproducing the hierarchical, exclusionary and exploitative structures of restaurants.

Mel Schwarz

zwüsche de hügle& between the hills

A dance installation about porous traditions.

My body remembers. where do they stick, these traditions? i will sit here with them, with you. between the memory and the momentary experience. rhythm is a memory in the now. “zwüsche dä hüglä& between the hills” is a performance about forgetting, repressing and remembering again. through an old song, the imaginary story of vreneli and an unusual musical instrument, lea samira seeks to queer these traditional elements and make them permeable.

Lea Samira Bernath

What Does Home Sound Like?

«What Does Home Sound Like?» takes you on a journey into the performer’s complex identity, centered around the ambiguous concept of home. It explores the gaps between identities, aiming to provoke thoughtful contemplation. It delves into how our bodies and senses contribute to shaping who we are. Using a sound performance, it expresses the performer’s journey exploring themes of identity and home in an artistic manner.

Lu Läderach

Tout ce que le ruisseau ne sera pas

With «Tout ce que le ruisseau ne sera pas», she blows le vent frais et le vent du matin down the rivers and takes us to her different places of thoughts and memories inhabited by her desires, promises and torrents. There is the water that flows through her body, the water that carries her revolutionary raft and bears witness to the memories of the sea. She drives us to the streams that transform, sweep, envelop and where the sun will set our future ablaze.

«Tout ce que le ruisseau ne sera pas» is a Lecture Performance co-produced by BelluardBollwerk (2023).


Margaux Huber

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