Manuel Troller

Manuel Troller, born in Lucerne, is currently mainly doing live shows as a guitarist with Schnellertollermeier or as a duo with writer Michael Fehr. At his solo concerts, he makes use of elements of minimal music and African music, interweaving condensed rhythms with seemingly static states and dense textures reminiscent of electronic music. He combines composition with improvisation, power with fragility, to create an atmospheric and radical effect. He not only sounds out the tonal limits of the guitar, but is also interested in what is physically feasible with the instrument.

Three years ago, he supported Merz, an Associated Artist at the Dampfzentrale, at the launch of his latest album “Thinking like a mountain” in the foyer, because the American guitarist Shahzad Ismaily was unable to be there. Now Troller is launching his own work “Vanishing Points”, which will be released by the fine label three:four records based in western Switzerland.

Belia Winnewisser