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The extended version of the documentary film «Lunar Tribute» by the Berne-based photographer and filmmaker Rob Lewis celebrates its Swiss premiere at Dampfzentrale. Following the screening, Moonwalker and Apollo16 astronaut Charlie Duke and his wife, Dorothy, will hold a panel discussion.

«Lunar Tribute» is about Charlie Duke, who left a photograph of himself and his family on the moon in 1972. Due to a lack of humidity and erosion, the picture might well remain there for millions of years to come. The photograph that Charlie Duke took with his moon camera of the family portrait lying on the moon went around the world and is now hanging in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. For Rob Lewis, this photograph of the photograph on the moon’s surface was the starting point for his film, which tells the story of the moon landing from the very personal perspective of 82-year-old Charlie Duke.

The music for «Lunar Tribute» is by Jojo Mayer, the Swiss-born drummer who has been living in the USA for many years now. Alongside Charlie Duke and the moon, Mayer is the third main character in the film, as the soundtrack is not simply a run-of-the-mill recording: the film is intercut with footage of Jojo Mayer playing his instruments and echoing the thrill of travelling through space.



Director of Photography: Milos Jacimovic & Rob Lewis. Moon CGI: Vladimir Jankijevic. Editors: Matt Iwanusa, Katey Spinner, Leane Clifton, Rob Lewis. Music by: Jojo Mayer, Nerve, Tasmin Archer, John Hughes, John Beck, Marius Bear, Matt Iwanusa, Nico Chiotellis von Meinem. Sound: Aaron Nevezie, Pete Serentia. Grading by the Mill: Mikey Rossiter, Zack Wilpon, Eva Bauer. Artwork: Christian Calabro.

Written, Directed and Produced by Rob Lewis.

Fotocredits: LROC, NASA, Charlie Duke, Rob Lewis

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