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Admission: free
Duration: 45 minutes
Spoken languages: English


Disaster, endings and new hope: «Love Chapter 2» is the second production in the trilogy by Sharon Eyal, one of the world’s most popular choreographers. In it, her company L-E-V approaches the dark side of love and begins where love breaks down; the dance performance emerges from the gloom of the state of pain of loss and mental exhaustion and clings to a touch to keep us dreaming and alive.

In February, L-E-V will take up residence at the Dampfzentrale Bern and rehearse the revival of the award-winning performance with a new cast. On one evening, the rehearsals will be open to all L-E-V fans, interested parties and the curious, as well as those who missed the guest performance of «Love Chapter 2» at Dampfzentrale. The audience will gain a unique insight into the rehearsal process of an internationally renowned company.

The rehearsal will be led by Leo Lerus, the company’s rehearsal director, and will be co-directed by seven dancers from the company.


Rehearsal director: Leo Lerus
Dancers: Darren Devaney, Alice Godfrey, Guido Dutilh, Juan Gil, Nitzan Ressler, Johnny McMillan, Frida Dam Siedel
Company Manager: Roy Bedarshi

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