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Tickets CHF 19.- / 26.- / 33.-
Preiskategorie frei wählbar
Kulturlegi: 15.- (nur Abendkasse)
Weitere Ticketinfos (U18, Kultur-GA, Rollstuhlplätze)

duration: 1 hour
spoken languages on stage: English and old French (no need to be understandable)


The performance observes Orchésographie, the first manual of dance and choreographic writing, produced by Toinot Arbeau (1588). Using this historical document as a starting point, the performance unfolds between documentary restitution and musical and choreographic rewriting, while observing the resonance of such a work in our contemporaneity.

Through this physical approach, we seek a way of making heritage that engages us. By recognizing ourselves as the product of history – whose construction we seek to understand – and by making our quest a vector of invention.


Concept & choreography: Marion Zurbach in close collaboration with the performers
Performance: Évo Mine Lambillon & Pierre Piton
Performance & sound composition: Stélios Lazarou
Dramaturgy: Arthur Eskenazi
Renaissance dance expertise, vocal coaching and musical arranging: Madeleine Saur
Drawings: Maria Demandt
Texts: Orchésographie by Toinot Arbeau & Jouyssance vous donnerai by Clément Marot
Costumes design: Myriam Casanova & Silvia Romanelli
Lights design: Olivier Famin
Pictures: Robin Plus
Administration: Raphaël Soleilhavoup
Production: Maxine Devaud & Prune Allain-Bonsergent
Coproduction: Dampfzentrale Bern
Partners: Le Grütli, Halle Nord, Théâtre Sévelin 36 (CH), Artagon, KLAP Maison pour la danse, Ménagerie de verre, Point Éphémère, Montévidéo Marseille (FR)

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