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Admission free (collection)

Every third Sunday of the month from 14:30 bis 18:30

Further dates:

lazy club is Dampfzentrale Bern's new listening format, which takes place on the third Sunday afternoon of every month in the foyer of the building. The series aims to celebrate the collective listening of music in an informal, low-threshold and cozy setting. At each event, three people from the regional, national and occasionally international music scene (musicians, curators, journalists, concertgoers, DJs) are invited to play an hour of music. The DJ sets may cover as broad a musical spectrum as possible and should not necessarily serve a dancefloor context.


14:30 Tejus Menon
16:45 Maya Hottarek

Maya Hottarek

Maya Hottarek is a visual artist from Biel. Her artistic practice includes ceramics, film, clay and found materials. She explores the complex interactions between the individual, society and the economy. She links all these themes to our basic needs as human beings, such as the connection to nature and the philosophical question of the nature of existence. As Haya33, she can also often be found behind the DJ decks, where it is quite possible for a set to begin with a classical record. Or with trap. Or a poem. Perhaps with harsh noise?

Tejus Menon

Tejus Menon’s artistic work encompasses theater, dance and writing. He has long been an active part of the independent theater scene in New Delhi, India, performing at festivals across the country. As a permanent member of Crow – India’s first participatory theater company – he has been involved in several site-specific productions as a writer, assistant director and actor. He is currently studying for an MA in Expanded Theater at the Bern University of the Arts and is involved in various projects in Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Tejus is also a regular concertgoer and music connoisseur. At the lazy club, he shares his favorite musical projects, associations and inspirations.


HATEPOP is a music collective from Bern that has been releasing its own singles and albums since 2021, with a musical spectrum ranging from dubstep to punk or trap to hyperpop. Years of failed upbringing and trauma are compensated for with defiance and turn-up, sometimes completely exaggerated, then again gentle and soulful. Before their record launch at Dachstock in mid-April, the collective will be sharing music at the lazy club that accompanies, occupies or soothes them. The blue L in HATEPOP stands for DJ – a must for anyone who likes it when it sounds like cars get into a brawl. 🏎🏎🏎

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