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It is the technicians who build a new world for us night after night in the theatre. They hang things, light the space, screw and hammer. And when the audience has gone home and the actors are sitting in the pub with their make-up off, they take the whole thing down again and get everything ready for the next stop on the tour. It’s no coincidence that the Spanish group La tristura dedicated a production entirely to the people behind the scenes during the pandemic, because they too were severely affected by the cultural lockdown but were far less present in discussions than the artistic staff. In «Renacimiento», the everyday stories of the stage workers about insecurities, communication and power intersect with the development of the last 50 years of the young democracy in Spain. Both here and there, there is a lot of idealism at play. And again and again, the question arises of where the individual stands when it comes to the principles of a group.

The collective La tristura has been working on an unique aesthetic between theatre poetry and documentary text for over ten years. «Renacimiento» premiered in autumn 2020 between two lockdowns. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the planned performance at auawirleben in 2021 due to the uncertain situation. We are all the happier to make up for it this year.

La tristura are also part of the “Bring a Friend” format and nominated the Spanish duo María Salgado and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca. [LINK]


Kreation: La tristura
Mit: Roberto Baldinelli, Belén Martí, Alván Prado, Mundo Prieto, Emilio Rivas, Marcos Úbeda, sowie lokalen Performer*innen und Tänzerinnen aus Bern
Choreografie: Mucha Muchacha
Stimme: Vera Cort
Produktionsleitung: Alicia Calôt
Produktionsassistenz: Mamen Adeva, Iván Mozetich
Technische Leitung: Cristina Bolívar
Assistenz Technik: Roberto Baldinelli
Lichtdesign: Carlos Marquerie
Bühne, Kostüme: Cecilia Molano
Sounddesign: Adolfo García
Vertrieb, Kommunikation: Art Republic

Produktion: Teatros del Canal, Théâtre de Liège, Noorderzon/Grand Theatre Groningen, Ayuntamiento de Madrid und La tristura

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