What do you do with all that anger inside you? When is aggression healthy? How does violence move? Theatre, dance, fighting and stunts are used to create a story somewhere between whimsical humour and deadly seriousness.

Violence as entertainment is a part of our world. Not only in the worlds of movies and gaming but in real life, too. Be it in school, at work or in your free time – uncontrolled violence is a common occurrence. The topic of bullying in its many forms is widely prevalent especially in a school environment. «beat it» is inspired by this phenomenon. A dance performance for everybody. Straddling the divide between deadly seriousness and vociferous schadenfreude.

Along with the Belgian theatre group Nevski Prospect, Kollektiv F – associated artist of Dampfzentrale Bern from 2017 to 2019 – is putting together a dance performance for young people. The works of Kollektiv F are characterised by an accessible language of movement and deal with situations that the young audience encounter on a daily basis. Nevski Prospekt are a Belgian artist collective. They tell their poetic tales in their very own unique language of movement and creatively incorporate the young audience members.

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Regie: Gregory Caers. Choreografie: Anna Heinimann. Oeil exterieur: Wim de Winne. Tanz/Schauspiel: Ives Thuwis, Izabela Orzelovska, Arne Luiting, Gytha Parmentier, Luzius Engel. Bühne und Kostüme: Reni Wünsch. Lichtdesign: Jeroen Doise. Musik: Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner. Musikkomposition: Marcel Gschwend. Produktionsleitung Schweiz: Nina Engel. Konzept: Nevski Prospekt und Kollektiv F.

«Beat it» ist eine Koproduktion der Gruppen Kollektiv F (CH) und Nevsky Prospekt (BE) in Zusammenarbeit mit der Dampfzentrale Bern und FFT Düsseldorf.

Gefördert durch: Kultur Stadt Bern, Swisslos – Kultur Kanton Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung.

Fotocredit: Jeroen Doise.