Be a part of «HABITAT» with the choreographer Doris Uhlich: Call

What wobbles, usually gets in the way and is frowned upon by society?
Body fat! Ideal bodies are slim, well-proportioned, linear, muscular, smooth, firm and healthy. The (hetero)normative concepts of the body prescribe it like that. Anyone who fails to adapt their own stature to comply with these social demands stands out from the crowd. Although, in the meantime, here and there other bodies are (sometimes) allowed to play a role in the public arena, the aforesaid image dominates the way we look at and think about body fat – but not so with Doris Uhlich, the «philosopher of flesh».

The award-winning Austrian choreographer has been developing works that address her theory of flesh since 2006. Uhlich has even come up with her own «fat dance technique». And her style of movement is just as dynamic as the three words themselves: The frowned upon body fat is exhibited as fat waves and presented in all its glory. Unique, artful, emotional, wobbling, jiggling, vibrating flesh commands both the stage and the audience.
Uhlich questions who is actually allowed to be naked and creates unimaginable forms of association and action within the world of theatre through her choreographic practice.

Doris Uhlich and her performers featured in the 2019 edition of Tanz in Bern with «Every Body Electric». Uhlich, who has become an unofficial darling of the festival scene, will present a special performance at this year’s Tanz in Bern. «HABITAT» embodies a utopia of closeness and fearless encounters, both among the performers and the audience. In fact, the performance needs you. Doris is planning to stage «HABITAT» with as many people from Bern as possible.

But how is it possible to dance as a crowd, up close and personal, in this age of «physical distancing»?

To celebrate body fat and to answer these questions, we would like to invite you to an exclusive Tupperware evening with Doris Uhlich and the cultural journalist Andreas Tobler (Tagesanzeiger). Tanz in Bern without a Tupperware evening is basically inconceivable. Therefore, prior to the festival, artistic director Anneli Binder and dramaturgical co-worker Fabienne Amlinger will be visiting interested people at home, thus providing them with an exclusive insight into the festival programme. Doris Uhlich and Andreas Tobler will both be appearing at this Tupperware evening special edition «körperschwabbeln» (Wobbling Bodies).

Together they will discuss nudity in the digital age, relaxedness and euphoric encounters in times of pandemic. As a virtual audience, you will be able to ask questions or add comments at any time. Experience Doris’ «fat dance technique» from the comfort of your own living room, kitchen or bedroom. Let’s all wiggle and jiggle into the night together.