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Kali Malone is a US composer and organist based in Stockholm. She has been working at the intersection between electronic and acoustic music since 2012. Kali Malone integrates choirs as well as string and woodwind instruments into her works at whose core lies a minimalist compositional approach. In recent years, the organ has become her instrument of choice, especially the church organ. Her music, however, is mostly rooted in the circles of experimental and electronic music and her albums are released on labels that are usually at home in the world of dark electronic sounds. The album «The Sacrifical Code» made many of the respective bestseller lists last year. She usually performs at underground festivals, such as «Berlin Atonal», where her concerts are also embedded in mainly electronic programmes.

Kali Malone works as a freelance organ tuner. Together with Ellen Arkbro and Maria W. Horn, she belongs to a hip young generation of Swedish composers on the fringes of contemporary music, whose following is young and urban and thrives on musical tightrope walking. We are delighted to welcome Kali Malone to Bern for one of her rare organ concerts.

Fotos: Victoria Loeb.