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The Schlachthaus Theater and Dampfzentrale Bern join forces

Get to know the many similarities between the two cultural institutions! Themes that connect the two institutions, questions that artists at both locations ask themselves and, above all, the same great passion for performing arts can be experienced in a double pack.

Artists unpack

Artists from both houses visit each other’s performances. Then it’s all about big questions like:
Why do you make art? How do you do it? What comes next? The exchange lasts 40 minutes.

Sunday, 3.12.2023, Dampfzentrale Bern
Conversation between Ernestyna Orlowska (Chunky) and Nina Langensand (Where is your Partner)
following the performance “Chunky”

Friday, 19.1.2024, Schlachthaus Theater
Talk between Corinne Maier (YES! YES! YES!) and Rebecca Weingartner (Solidarity!)
following the performance “YES! YES! YES!”


First double pack

Second double pack

Third double pack


Attend two performances, pay once! The dates are freely selectable.

Here you can buy tickets for the first double pack.

Here you can buy tickets for the second double pack.

Here you can buy tickets for the third double pack.

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