catenation (Sylvia Hinz & Jeanne Strieder)
Sylvia Hinz and Jeanne Strieder both live in Berlin and emanate out of the dissonant fringes of composed music. They have one foot in new music and one foot in noise music and extreme metal. «We want to rouse the sleeping and offer solace to the suffering, to make those uneasy who want to keep others in the dark, to praise the resistance, to make it possible for the voice of doubt to sail through the world on the sounds of wind and air… In the wake of the uprising of right-winged oppressors around the world, the empowerment of women and the aim for equality is becoming more important every second…».

Miao Zhao & Tizia Zimmermann
A duo in search of irrationality, performative actions with no consistency. Fermentation with emotions, it does not matter whether it’s personal or not. It’s physical and emotional, a complex emotion which takes you physical. Celebration of misunderstanding OR stumbling in our own steps for fun. Premature climax why not taste the psycho borders. We dance on the highway.
We are new born. We celebrate. When are you going to scream?


Sylvia Hinz: Paetzold Bassblockflöte, Stimme, Electronics, Video.
Jeanne Strieder: E-Gitarre, Stimme, Electronics, Video.
Miao Zhao: Klarinette, Stimme, Elektronik.
Tizia Zimmermann: Akkordeon, Stimme, Elektronik.