The Werkstatt Freies Musiktheater discusses connections between institutional framework structures, funding and working conditions, work processes, and the specific aesthetics of current musical theatre productions. The aim is to contrast the interplay of social and cultural-political frameworks and the artistic creations of musical theatre ensembles in Switzerland with the conditions in neighbouring countries. For this purpose, the Werkstatt Freies Musiktheater brings representative players from various local scenes from the fields of cultural policy, art practice, event management, and funding together round the discussion table.

In addition to a comparative critical review, the focus is meant to be on the future: how can networking between players in the independent musical theatre scene be improved? Which framework conditions have to be created or adapted to enable the independent scene to exploit its innovative potential, to become a “forge of Utopia”, as it were? What do players want to use the leeway offered by independent structures for?

Speakers and panelists

Ariane Jeßulat, Dorothea Lübbe, Désirée Meiser, Martina Stütz, Thom Andrewes, Leo Dick, Andri Hardmeier, David Roesner, Tassilo Tesche